Thank You!

Every single task performed by every single person was needed to make the barbecue as success.  “Thank you” seems inadequate.  But it is sincerely meant.  So “Thank you” to Team Trinity for all that you did, specifically your help in:

1. Planning the barbecue;

2. Advertising the barbecue;

3. Printing tickets, cutting tickets, distributing tickets, and keeping an accurate count of the ticket sales;

4. Selling tickets;

5. Purchasing tickets;

6. Calling for desserts;

7. Making rolls;

8. Baking desserts;

9. Bringing roasters and other supplies down out of the attic;

10. Providing roasters, mixing bowls, and spatulas;

11. Washing roasters, mixing bowls, measuring utensils, sauce buckets, leftover containers, etc;

12. Setting up tables;

13. Hauling ingredients for beans and sauce from Hall’s supermarket;

14. Hauling ingredients for potato casseroles from Fredericksburg;

15. Installing extra outlets;

16. Putting up signage;

17. Cleaning and chopping celery and onions;

18. Setting up cinder blocks & setting up grills;

19. Hauling charcoal from Hall’s supermarket;

20. Hauling chicken from Hall’s supermarket;

21. Opening 28 ginormous cans of beans and 28 large cans of beans by hand;

22. Mixing up the beans;

23. Stirring beans all day long;

24. Mixing potato casseroles;

25. Stirring potato casseroles all day long;

26. Mixing and cooking the barbecue sauce;

27. Slicing, bagging, and counting desserts;

28. Cooking the chicken;

29. Cooking & serving lunch – a welcome oasis for the Saturday workers;

30. Collecting tickets at the door;

31. Greeting at the door;

32. Serving rolls and desserts;

33. Assembling and bagging dinners;

34. Washing dishes from 0800 until end of the day;

35. Vacuuming, sweeping, putting away tables, rearranging furniture, etc. to get the Fellowship Halls, Sunday school rooms & Sanctuary ready for worship on Sunday morning;

36. Washing towels and aprons;

37. Putting roasters and other supplies back up in the attic;

38. Taking pictures of the hard work and fellowship involved; and

39. PRAYING for a successful barbecue.

Thanks, also, to the families that supported everyone who took on extra work to execute the barbecue.  Executing all of the tasks above sometimes eats into family time, so the understanding of the workers’ family members is also appreciated.